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Friday, May 25, 2012

Vroom, vrooooom

The Rallye des Princesses  (Princess Rally) begins this weekend in Paris.  Its a ladies dream trip of a lifetime.  In a hot vintage car, you and your best girlfriend, drive throughout the countryside in France for 6 adventurous days.  Beginning in Paris and through small mountain top villages on windy roads past chateaux and lavender fields all the way to Monaco.

I remember viewing all the hot vintage autos lined up at the  Place Vendôme  when I was Paris in May 2009.  All the chic cars and the chicer chicks driving them.  Its a regularity race, meaning no speed but you have maintain an average kilometers per hour throughout the entire course to win.   Stay in castles and 4 star inns, eat amazing food and drink wonderful wines, but not when driving :)

Who wants to take this once in a lifetime excursion with me?  I am planning a group for 6 women next year. You don't need your own hot rod.  I'll make all the arrangements to sign up for this event and rent the hot vehicles to drive.  We'll also spend a few days pampering and shopping in Paris before the rally and a few days on the Côte d'Azur basking in the sun.  Sign up for a spot, details will follow!

 Start learning how to drive a stick!

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